Harriet Ford

I'm a freelance music composer.

Music Composition

As of 14th February 2019

Estimated price is £50 per minute.
+ £25 for each added minute.
Example: 2 minute song is £75.
If you would like to discuss pricing further, please contact me via email.


Patreons that pledge £1 or more get 1-2 weekly assets. Patreons over £5 can obtain music packs.

Graphic Design

I make fan edits for Final Fantasy XIV.


Screenshot Edits
Desktop Backgrounds
FC Logos
Event Pictures

  • Not safe for work edits - or NSFW images.

  • I'll do edits on any character race, on any gender.

  • Images with modifications.

  • PayPal accepted. (Only payment method.)

  • I do not take any other kind of graphic design commission.

  • NSFW images are done to an extent: I will not work on anything that is very extreme.

  • I have the right to reject commissions for any reason.

As of April 6th 2019

The quality of the edit not only relies on me. For your images, please send the most highest quality images. A very high resolution image - so a big image - in PNG quality and with good lighting makes for the best results.

Movie Posters are $25 base price.
+ $5 for every character added.

Screenshot edits are $15 base price.
+ $5 for every character added.
+ The amount of edits wanted can affect price in a range of $5-20.

For graphic design edits, please contact me on Discord.
My tag name is:

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